Tetelu si Olguta in engleza

Salut la Tetelejurnal. Ministrul nostru Lia Olputza Vasilescu a vorbit in engleza si franceza la New York, in cadrul Comisiei ONU pentru conditia femeii si i-a uimit pe toti cu accentul ei de olteanca fierbinte.

Urmare acestei prestatii istorice, ONU vrea sa-si schimbe numele in Olgutza Natiunilor Uimite. Permiteti-mi sa citesc o scrisoare deschisa adresata doamnei Olputza Vasilescu, ministrul Muncii din Romania. 

Dear Missis minister Lia Olputza Vasilescu, you make Romania sheet again. Now, oficially, the rest of the civillized world know us not only for the London pocket thieves, but also for the analfabets ministers that can't even speack english when they go to United Nations. Missis Olputza, what kind of example you give to the young cocalari of Romania that want to become ministers?

Florin Salam, Vali Vijelie or Nicolae Gutza speack english better than you, may Ciprian die! If you haven't learned the language of Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian in high school, why did you go to U N  to make Romania sheet? Why didn't you stay home, in Craiova, on the stadion, where we all know you like to go?  At the city bibliotecă no one has ever seen you! With this wooden english, you better engaged yourself as a Sculeni custom officer, to impress moldovan raketz that make traffic with sheep cheese, salty scrumbiaz and murăited mushrooms. Olgutza, you have big mouth in romanian and small brain in english.

You better know, I loved you like I love every single woman, because I am sexually obsedat, but because of this bullshit I ripped off the bathroom poster with you. I am sticking to Flory and Denise. They know to speack english correct. Bye bye and I have no english words!



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